Spirituality: “Effecting the human spirit”

Practical: Concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas; likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances.

I teach Practical Spirituality. Your everyday life is the vehicle we will use to bring your spirit into alignment with your world. You are LOVE. When you apply the many faces of love; compassion, wisdom, tolerance, understanding, kindness, grace, gratitude to each daily interchange and life choice, you are able to build an awareness that enables you to use your thoughts and emotions rather then have them rule you. You build relationships that are deep and rich and you make life decisions that speak to your higher good and bring abundance into your world. In this work, we don’t just talk about spiritual principles, we become them. There is nothing more practical than that!

While the basis of PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY seems simple; (responding to life from kindness, grace ,compassion) being present enough to remember in the heat of emotion, stress, and holding the awareness moment to moment in order to actually respond from love takes alto of practice. This is BIG work.

Students who seek me out, are artists, parents, students, business executives, laborers, doctors, coaches, writers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. They all want to be heard, to be known in their most intimate relationships. They are looking to develop peaceful lives, filled with abundance, and depth, rich with meaning and purpose. My students may already be on a path. Many are spiritual teachers. They read many books on Spirituality, go to workshops, meditate, do yoga but they have yet to learn how to integrate all that they “intellectually” know into their daily lives. They want to learn how take spirituality and make it practical. They want to walk in their spiritual integrity 24/7. Their next step is to contact me and to learn how to Make Their Life Their Practice.


How do I keep the promises I make to myself?

How do I create relationships that honor me?

How do I bring more financial abundance into my world?

How do I quiet my fears?

How do I not make my illness the entire focus of my existence?

How do I create a better work/life balance?

How do I achieve my creative dreams?

How can I experience more gratitude?



My students come to me to learn how to integrate spiritual values  into their lives 24/7. They want to leave the drama behind. They want to drop their stories and develop lives where they accept responsibility for their choices. They want to make spirituality REAL, and they know that now is the time to make their life their practice.

I am an example of a person who makes her life her practice. I have been walking the path for over 30 years. I am as practical as I am spiritual. As a teacher, I blend real world examples and exercises with larger, broader and more fulfilling spiritual ideas and concepts to help bring purpose to being and spirit to living. You can read more about me here.

My work is to help you Make Your Life Your Practice. I will teach you how to use your daily life; each interaction, relationship, decision and action as an opportunity to choose a loving response. We will work with your life as it is right now. I’ll provide the guidance, suggest tools and practices that can create real change and sustained awakening for you. I will help you see where you are currently out of alignment and we will use your daily life to walk the spiritual values you hold dear, build a life grounded in gratitude, centered on peace, filled with grace and surrounded by abundance.

This is not pie in the sky. This is very real, most definitely attainable. This is Practical Spirituality.

If this sounds like the path for you, please contact me.