You’ve read the books, you’ve attended the retreats, you’ve had a spiritual practice for years that was meant to bring you abundance and peace, but your life is still not peaceful.

Your mind is still stuck in negative thought and worry. You know what you want, and you did what you were supposed to do, but it wasn’t enough, and you still don’t know how to lose critical judgment of yourself and others in order to find the clarity and peace that was supposed to come with it all.

You know there’s something more, but you still can’t access it.

Practical Spirituality is your key.  Selina speaks on Practical Spirituality here.

I can help you. I am the teacher you come to when you realize that what you’re seeking is within you, but you don’t know how to bring it out…I will help you. When you’re looking to stop judging everyone and bring peace into your daily life, I will lead the way.

I will help you access your Intuitive Essence 

What you’ve been seeking does exist. It is real, but like Dorothy in Oz, you’ve been looking elsewhere for something that is already within you.

What you’re truly looking to do is to shift the paradigm from being mind and emotionally centered to be INtuitively guided.

As when you partner with a trainer to develop your physical body, we work together as trainer and student until your mind and emotion become tools, and you are intuitively centered, in alignment with your higher intelligence.

I know this is the key to peace, because it has been my life’s work. My most recent paradigm shift came about after an automobile event in 2013.

It Is Time for YOUR Radical Shift

When you work with me, you have already chosen to transform. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t a magic “fix-it” button that you press and walk away. It is work.

You will learn how to use your daily life as the opportunity to bring peace into your world when confronted with judgment, and discover how to quiet your negative thoughts,fears and worries as they occur.

Instead of fitting your practice into your life, your life becomes your practice.

If you want to fast-track your process with a guide who is committed to helping you use your everyday life as your moment to moment practice that leads to your abundant existence, please contact me.